Happy New Year!

A new year, a new blog, a new life? Well, actually yes. It’s 2011, so the new year is a no brainer. If you are reading this post then it’s obvious this is a new blog. As to the new life, I’ll turn 50 in April, marry the love of my life in September, and move–yet again. So, yes, “Happy New Year” is a loaded statement for this writer, but it’s all good.

Out with the OLD…

Bye bye job, stuff, cars, security, and life as I envisioned it.

2010 was a strange year. I left a call serving four congregations and people I loved to return to my hometown and help my parents. My youngest daughter and I sold/gave away a whole parsonage full of stuff and moved just what we could load in our two cars (along with a few boxes mailed ahead). Oh, I also moved without a job, not the wisest move in a weak economy. I took a significant financial hit, but it all worked out, thanks be to God, and I have even had the privilege of working in family ministry with my home congregation. Oh, and my oldest daughter graduated from college and moved to South Korea to teach English. There was much joy, many meaningful challenges and  opportunities, and a few bumps along the way to add spice to the mix.

In with the NEW…

Hello simplicity, purpose, new beginnings, and the unknown.

We’re now a one car family, and I continue to simplify by reducing the amount of “stuff” I possess. I’m also reducing the number of commitments and fragmentation in my work life. At the end of 2010 I was working four part-time jobs.  Guess what suffered most? Yep, that’s right–creativity and family, two things that should matter most. Life’s too short, so that’s changing in 2011.

In September I’ll marry the most amazing man–my muse, long-time friend, colleague, and soulmate. Needless to say, he’s one cool guy, and I am one lucky woman. So, hello new beginning! Do we have everything figured out? Of course not! I know I’ll move 600 miles away to where he lives; it simply makes more sense to do so for a whole host of reasons. Hello, uncertainty! There are many loose ends we’re not quite sure how to tie up. I’ll be looking for a new job, my daughter will be a senior in high school, and I fret about putting 600 miles between me and my parents. I have no doubt it will all work out, but I have no clue how the days will unfold.

What I do know is that 2011 promises to be exciting, and I intend to live in the present and enjoy the goodness of each hour. It is, indeed, a happy new year.

How about you? What “old” did you leave behind? What “new” are you bringing in for 2011? What gives you joy? Let’s share the journey…one word at a time!

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