Thankful for Safe Travel

It’s late…or early, depending on how you look at the wee hours after midnight. We arrived at my sister-in-law’s house a few minutes ago, and I am truly thankful for safe travel.

What a day! We got a really late start for our journey to Rhode Island, and this year we had two vehicles in our “mini-caravan.” It was dark before we left the lights of Harrisburg behind us. We stopped in Allentown at the Taco Bell and did some serious damage in terms of the quantities of food devoured. The next stop was a Starbuck’s in New Jersey for a jolt of java, followed by a trip to the nearby grocery to pick up the toiletries we’d all forgotten to bring. Well, everybody but my husband Mr. Boy Scout, that is. We made a final stop for gas in Connecticut (and Dunkin’ Donuts) before cruising down the highway for the final leg to our destination outside of Providence. Overall, traffic was heavy but tolerable, and the weather cleared up just in time. Whew!

The kids are wired, and the adults are tired. It’s time for a few hours of sleep in a comfortable bed. First, however, we’ll take time to pray and give thanks for a long but safe journey. It’s good to be among family, although it’s sad that we can’t be with all of our family.

Night, ya’ll! Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo by John Trainor used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

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