Thankful the Busy Day is Done!

Wow! What a busy day it’s been. It seems any time we go on vacation, I spend a couple of days playing catch up when we return. Where do the hours go? Between work, family, and writing the hours just fly by. So tonight, at the end of this long yet good day, I am ready to close these tired eyes and rest.

Yes, sometimes it’s alright to be thankful for something as simple as completing a day successfully. In just a few hours, God willing, I’ll be ready to “get up and do it again” (Thanks, Jackson Browne!).

Thank you, God, for this good day, and thank you that it’s done! Zzzzzzzzzzzz…..a good night’s sleep will be the “cat’s meow”!

(Photo by dcysurfer used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

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