Three Things in Three Minutes…Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, set, go…in three minutes or less name three things about today for which you are thankful.




Could you do it? What did your list yield? Were there surprises? Was it easy or difficult? Did it seem natural or strange to do this?

I am thankful for

1. Six months today with my amazing husband,

2. My family (immediate, blended, and extended),

3. and God’s movement in my life and the world.

There. That wasn’t so hard, was it? If you’re like me, you could have kept going.

Naming our blessings on a daily basis is one way to build thanks-living “muscle.” The more we name and appreciate our blessings, the richer and fuller life becomes. By focusing on the positive, the negative seems less onerous and consuming.

Consider adding this short exercise to your day. All it takes is three minutes to identify and name three daily blessings for which you are thankful. Regular thanksgiving contributes to the practice of thanks-living.

Photo by LollyKnit used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!



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