Thankful for a “Do-Almost-Nothing” Day

Today was a “do-almost-nothing” or “do-as-little-as-possible” day in the Blezard household. After the Christmas worship services, preparing the family meal, and enjoying good times opening presents and playing games, it was time to decompress. In fact, the only activities that caused us to leave the house were four trips up the street to the site of several “Spatchy” sightings (more on that in a minute) and a walk to the cemetery with the dogs. Other than that it was a lazy day of naps, conversation, and uninterrupted reading for the adults.

This Christmas, our first together as a blended family, was wonderful on most counts. It was a bit traumatic where the animals were concerned. Our way cool and much beloved cat somehow managed to sneak out on a rainy night which put a “damper” over the holiday. We posted flyers around town, and just this morning a young person called saying he had seen her getting into the dumpster near their apartment. Hence our trips up the street to look for her and leave food for her. Still no actual sighting for us, however.

The second animal event happened on Christmas afternoon with our Springer Spaniel. Pete has been having seizures of late, and the last one has definitely left him with some behavioral changes including enhanced counter surfing capabilities. Mr. Husband had left a pan of yeast rolls rising on the back of the stove. We went next door to the church to put our turkey in the refrigerator there until dinner time. While we were gone, Pete managed to finagle the pan onto the floor and had devoured all but one of the unbaked rolls. What happens when active yeasty dough meets warm belly? Yes, you guessed it; severe bloat and bellyache. Were it not for the real fear of a serious medical condition we would have enjoyed much laughter at poor Pete’s expense. Fortunately, he came through it alright, although he did barf most of the rolls onto the living room floor.

Aside from the animal trauma and the typical parish pastor post-Christmas fatigue, it was a glorious weekend. The worship in both parishes was wonderful, the generosity and love shared all around was something to behold, the food delicious, and the reason for the season–the gift of the Christ Child, the Word made flesh–was again humbling, amazing, and gratefully received. Yes, a “do-almost-nothing” day on December 26 is indeed something for which to be thankful.

For what are you grateful on this second day of Christmas?

NOTE: Congratulations to Natasha for winning last week’s contest. I know where to find you and will have your notes waiting. Thanks for sharing your experience!

REQUEST: Please include a prayer for our kitty if you’re so inclined. We hope to spot her and bring her home soon. It’s been a joy to know she’s still alive and close by; it would be so much more wonderful to have her back with us. Thank you!

REMINDER: Adventures in Thanksliving will return on a regular basis on January 1, 2012, with enhanced content and a focus on a year-long life of thanksliving. Hope to see you there!

Photo by GabriellaP93 used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!


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