Thankful to Express Thanks

This has been an amazing year full of change, closure, beginnings, joy, and delight! In addition to moving, marrying my best friend and muse, beginning an exciting new call, and undertaking some meaty writing projects, I’ve also shifted my mental location to a place of living in a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness.

I’ve always been a pretty optimistic and grateful person, seeing life’s glass as being half full rather than half empty, but this mind shift has more to do with recognizing God’s abundance and how that is poured out in each and every day. It’s pretty cool stuff, and all one has to do is start to look for it. What happens is that you begin to see more and more for which to be thankful and grateful.

When I was living in upstate New York, our bishop, Marie Jerge, often reminded us of God’s goodness with this simple call and response statement:

“God is good all the time!”

“All the time, God is good!”

Say that a few times in a room full of teenagers at a Lutheran camp or LYO event, and see how much more positively disposed you are to experiencing God’s abundance!

So today I thank all of you for stopping by and sharing a little thanksliving with me. I hope you’ll continue the journey into the new year. I am simply thankful to be able to express thanks.

How about you? To whom do you want and/or need to say thank you? Isn’t is wonderful to have the freedom and capability to express thanks?


Looking for a good way to stay in touch with people in this season of light and love? Didn’t get all the Christmas cards sent out that you’d wanted to? Here’s a “thanks-doing” that only requires a note, stamp, and a little time. Click here to visit the Mother Nature Website for an explanation of “New Year’s Gratitude Cards by blogger Starre Vartan.

Photo by artgoeshere used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!


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