Be it Resolved…

In just a few hours, 2011 will be history and a new year will begin. It’s doubtful I’ll be able to stay awake long enough to usher it in. We probably won’t even leave the house since we both have worship leadership responsibilities in the morning, but that’s just fine. We are content to see the year out quietly in spending quality time together.

Many people will start 2012 with laudable resolutions surrounding better health, sound financial management, or stronger relationships. These desires are good ones, but all too often resolutions don’t last very long and leave one feeling discouraged by “failure.”

I am not making any resolutions this year; rather, I’m adopting a theme and an attitude in continuing my adventure in “thanks-living.” I intend to make 2012 an entire year of “thanks-living” by engaging in specific, conscious practices, thoughts, and actions each day through this blog.

I invite you to join me. Tell your friends. Let’s make this small space on the web an intentional community and gathering of folks dedicated to living life with gratitude. together we can develop a presence that reflects an attitude and practice of living thankfully and with awareness of the precious gift of each breath and moment of life.

What kind of commitment will this require? That’s up to you. It could simply be the 10 minutes or so of reading a blog post every day or it can involve a more substantial investment of time and energy. The choice is yours. There are no gratitude police lurking in cyberspace.

Imagine what might happen if every person reading this decided to devote 15 minutes each day to “thanks-living,” and in turn invited a friend to join in the practice. One small “troubling of the waters” could lead to a ripple effect felt and lived by many.

So, be it resolved that for me 2012 will be the year of “thanks-living.” How about you?

Photo by blueyedA73 used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

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