Thanks-Living Tebow Style

This week I challenged you to do one thing to make someone else happy each day. It could be as simple as bringing a hot cup of freshly ground coffee to your spouse first thing in the morning (my simple act for the day) or as grand as leaving $50 at the coffee shop to pay for patrons who come in behind you. The simple point of the challenge is to make someone else’s day a little brighter and better. It’s a way of expressing gratitude for the gifts and blessings one has received–also known as thanks-living.

Today I read a article about how one man expresses gratitude that both humbled and amazed me. Most of you are probably familiar with pro football player Tim Tebow. You may have heard about his lucky plays, his dedication to an evangelical faith in Jesus Christ, and his outspokenness, but you may not be aware of how Tebow gives back through an amazing act of thanks-living.

Tim Tebow knows how blessed he’s been, and he shares some of those blessings before and after each game to make life brighter for individuals whom he terms “the coolest, most courageous people.” These are people who face serious, even life-threatening or terminal health issues, and Tebow flies them and their families to the game, sparing no expense to give them a wonderful experience and plenty of personal time. Tebow is investing in lives rather than the fleeting illusion of fame and fortune. In fact, he’s using his fame as a platform to make a real difference by growing a foundation to help others. It appears he is following in his Master’s footsteps by loving his neighbor as himself.

You can read the article, written by award-winning sportswriter Rick Reilly, on ESPN’s website by clicking here. I guarantee you it is worth your time and effort. No matter what you think about football or Tebow, it’s hard to argue with someone who is loving his neighbor, walking the walk, and giving thanks in such a profound and selfless way.

Thank you, Tim, for your thanks-living example and for playing some fine football!

Photos by Jeffrey Beall used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

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