Monday Musings

Whew! What a week! Today I’ve finally had time to collect my thoughts and breathe a little. It isn’t that I haven’t been thankful or practicing thanks-living for the past two days, it is simply that I’ve been running like a hamster in a wheel. Life has been on the fast and furious track, both literally and emotionally, hurtling through time and space at a blurry, disconcerting pace.

Last week was a tough one in many ways. Both my spouse and I dealt with hurt and pain among friends, family, and our parishes. Deaths, bad health diagnoses, and suffering lapped at our hearts and clouded our days, plus we were balancing busy, hectic schedules and multiple priorities. It ended up being one of those weeks where we simply got lost in the living, too busy to be present in each precious moment. Life is like that sometimes. No one said it was a 24/7/365 picnic.

Today, however, the sun is shining, and a new week fills the horizon with potential and opportunity. My challenge this week is to avoid filling each moment with “busyness” and “doing.” To live from a place of thankfulness, one must be aware of the day as it’s passing. To that end, I have set these goals for the week:

  1. to find time to exercise and meditate at least six out of seven days,
  2. to make sure I give my spouse and children quality time — not the end of day leftovers,
  3. to move through all activities with purpose, focusing on one thing at a time, and
  4. to consciously practice thanks-living by telling at least one person each day in a call, in person, or by e-mail or snail mail how thankful I am for their presence in my life.

If I truly believe each day is a precious gift, then I must spend my life giving thanks for the gift and using it wisely. To do otherwise is to deny both gift and giver.

How about you? How will you give thanks for the gift of life, each precious day, hour, and minute of it?

Photos by pfly and Hamed Saber used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

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