The Saturday Seven

The end of a busy week is here. Soon my eyes will close on a few hours of much needed sleep before journeying across the mountain to lead worship and begin an exciting visioning process with the congregation I serve. But…before that, it’s time for the Saturday Seven (a.k.a. seven person/places/or things for which I am thankful). Here’ goes!

  1. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve at the Gettysburg Soup Kitchen today with my spouse and members of his confirmation class. I got to talk with some really cool folks, work with some awesome teens, and have a doggone good cheeseburger.
  2. I’m thankful for poetry. If you don’t enjoy a daily dose of poetry, you are really missing out. Here are two links you might enjoy, both of which will deliver a daily poem to your e-mail inbox free of charge. Trust me, a poem a day will make your heart sing and your spirit dance. Click here for The Writer’s Almanac from American Public Media and Garrison Keillor and here for Poetry180 from the Library of Congress and poet Billy Collins.
  3. I’m thankful for a supper of lasagna and salad that my husband and I made from scratch and enjoyed together (while savoring the poem “Misgivings” by William Matthews). You’ll have to read the poem to understand.
  4. I’m thankful that we can share an office and really enjoy it. I love the sound of our respective keyboards combined with the music one of us chooses. The cat is curled up on the floor at my feet, and we’re both wrapping up our sermons. Life is good.
  5. I’m thankful that the Susan G. Komen Foundation reversed their decision about funding mammograms administered through Planned Parenthood. Regardless of how one feels about that organization, the simple fact is that mammmograms save lives and Planned Parenthood is one of the few places poor women with no insurance can go.
  6. I’m thankful for the delightful dusting of snow we had today, and I’m thankful it didn’t stick on the roads!
  7. I’m thankful for a warm bed. Good night! Pleasant dreams and a restful Sabbath.

Photo by Hans Gerwitz used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “The Saturday Seven

  1. Yes, the Writers Almanac is wonderful!
    I ran across it quite awhile ago and enjoy it in my mail box ever day,

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