Sunrise — Thank You — Sunset

Sunrises are not normally part of my daily ritual. My body’s natural rhythms do not favor rising early. I am much more likely to treasure the bold oranges, brilliant reds, and bright pinks of a sunset instead. I like the Jewish tradition of beginning the day with sunset and ending with sunrise. Remember, from the book of Genesis, where the refrain “and there was evening and there was morning” frames the Creator’s activity? Works for me!

Whether you rise with the roosters or begin your day with brunch, both sunrises and sunsets are gifts to be treasured. The rising and setting of the sun form a glorious set of bookends to each day, between which we live and love and give thanks for the gift of life and everything we share.

Today I want to share something with you. It’s the story of Debbie Wagner, and it is sure to inspire you and give you reason to be thankful. The short version is this: Wagner was enjoying a wonderful life that was interrupted by two brain tumors. Saved from an early death through surgical intervention, Wagner nonetheless found her life changed. She was no longer able to do some of the things she had taken for granted such as following the complicated plot of a novel or creating meals from complex recipes. Rather than focus on what had been lost, Wagner searched for and found new gifts. She suddenly had an eye for the visual and an artist’s ability. She began rising early and painting each sunrise. From that experience many blessings have followed.

I encourage you to read Debbie’s full story posted on the DailyGood by clicking here. You can also visit her website by clicking here.  This courageous woman shows that it is possible to give thanks in all circumstances, creating beauty and hope from the ashes of pain and loss.

Photo by khsolomon used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!


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