Of Love, Long Car Rides, and Commercialized Affection

So today, Valentine’s Day, I spent 10 hours in the car with one of my two dear daughters traveling south to see my dear parents. Only one problem with that. My dear spouse is at home in Pennsylvania on our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. And, my other daughter is half a world away. Oh, well. Love still abounds even if we aren’t celebrating a commercial holiday designed to enhance the sale of candy, jewelry, cards, and flowers.

My spouse and I actually celebrated on Sunday evening by cooking dinner together and making dark chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! Today I wrote him a poem while driving and e-mailed it to him after arriving at my mom’s house. Thanks be to God for WiFi! This peculiar approach to Cupid’s special day makes me a huge buzz-kill or a creative non-conformist.

Seriously, love doesn’t have to be parceled out in commercialized doses as the retail industry dictates. Love is something to be celebrated every day. Give thanks for the ones you love. Give thanks for the love they show you. Cut out a paper heart and write a poem. Make cookies together. Take a walk. Do something fun with your children or dearest friend. Call your parents. Show love. Celebrate love. Give thanks for love. Be love!

Happy Day — Valentine’s or otherwise! Now go spread some love.

Image by Nils Geylen used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

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