Days 3 & 4 — Dead Computer Edition

Friday, just before I was ready to post, my secondhand Dell Vostro laptop computer decided to die. There was no fanfire, no fireworks, just that dreaded blank screen and a blinking light indicating a grave technological situation. The poor hunk of cyber-junk will be off to the computer technician tomorrow to see if there is any hope for revival. If not, at least I should be able to get my data — more than four years worth of work — retrieved from the hard drive. Lesson learned: spend the money and  buy that external hard drive!

Thankfully, my daughter offered up her old Dell so I could get back on track. Thank you, dear daughter! So here we go with a report for the Lent 40/40/40 Challenge for days three and four.

Honoring Relationships

So many people! So few days! This could be habit forming. For day three I sent a long overdue letter to a friend in North Dakota.  For day four, I sent a combination birthday greeting and letter to a dear aunt who has been such an inspiration and constant source of encouragement to me.

Giving Possessions

I suppose it would be disingenuous to give the broken computer, so for day three I am giving away more clothes and for day four finally recycling those extra old cell phones.


I am thankful my daughter let me borrow her old computer. Of course, my computer crashed just after I had accepted a sizeable freelance job. Timing is everything!

I am also thankful for the poetry of Robert Frost. His images and use of language have inspired me for years. My mother first introduced me to Frost as a young girl; in fact, she still has his Collected Poems after all these years. Thanks to both of them, I have often chosen to walk the “road less traveled.” Yes, doing so does make all the difference.

And the Winner Is (drawn by dear daughter) …

Thanks to those of you who commented on Day Two. The winner of the Stretch & Pray DVD is Bev. It’ll be on the way via USPS this week.

Photo by raybdbomb used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

One thought on “Days 3 & 4 — Dead Computer Edition

  1. All things must die, even us human beings, we are, as the hymn goes, “This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through”. But it goes on to say, ” My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue”! Even old computers must die, but I’ll pray this one can be revived, at least for the time being.

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