Choosing and Crafting the Future

We are creating the future today! It is hard to imagine what doesn’t yet exist. But the choices we make today will define future generations. We get to decide if we want to be part of blessing future generations. Our behaviors today impact the future of the environment, our health, our church communities, and our families.

We decide if we help to create a future of love, hope, and compassion or a future of hatred, fear, and judgment.

Bonnie Cassida wrote these words as part of today’s d365 Journey to the Cross e-devotion, and they really hit home with me. How often do we pause and consider that we are co-creators of the future, for good or for ill?

Our actions and choices matter; they matter a great deal. Whether we realize or acknowledge it, we are connected to one another. The choices of previous generations have affected where we are today, and likewise the paths we choose will have an impact on our sons and daughters and even on their sons and daughters.

Whatever blessings we enjoy today are often the harvest of seeds planted by others. I think of how my parents made sacrifices so that I could take advantage of opportunities in high school and college. I have heard my mother talk about how her older siblings sacrificed so that the younger children in her large family could have what they needed. Today, my spouse and I make choices with an eye toward providing for the needs of our children.

We try to consider not only our children but the children of other parents around the world. Our purchasing decisions affect other people we may never know. How we treat the land, water, and air may have a profound impact on future generations. This reality is both a great responsibility and an amazing privilege.

We, you and I, must decide whether we will create something of beauty and hope, or whether we will squander our inheritance and ignore the needs of our sisters and brothers. The choice is ours, left to us by our gracious and loving Creator. It is a great trust. What shall we do? How shall we steward this gift?


40/40/40 Challenge Day 12 Update

I’m more than 25% of the way through this Lenten challenge, and so far it has been easy to decide which relationships to honor, possessions to release, and thankgivings to offer. I suspect this could be habit forming.

Honoring Relationships

Today, I want to honor and show appreciation for my friend and walking buddy Dianne from Sheyenne. Sometimes in life you meet someone and it just clicks; you feel comfortable talking and sharing with that person, and you enjoy his or her company. Dianne and I logged many miles around town and up the hill past the cemetary. She’s one of the hardest working people I know, makes the best German Chocolate brownie bars, and can whip up a hot dish or soup in a flash. She donates time to almost every community event, and she has a tender heart and great sense of humor. She loves her family, nurtures her faith, and enjoys life. What more could one ask from a friend? Sure do miss those walks, Dianne!

Giving Possessions

Today I cleaned out my jewelry box. It was a pretty easy task because I don’t have much jewelry to start with, but I did pare it down to only the essentials and those few items of sentimental value. If it hadn’t been our of the box in six months — bye, bye!


I am thankful to be able to exercise. Sometimes it seems like a huge pain and mighty inconvenience, but I am grateful to have limbs that can move and stretch, a heart that supports such activity, and the time to do so. Some days I walk, some days I ride the Airdyne, and some days I do yoga. I need to get back to the YWCA, use that membership more regularly, and be a better steward both of my health and our financial investment. Always something to strive toward, eh?

Photo by alonis used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!


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