If You’re Happy and You Know It…

You can choose to be happy. No matter your state or station in life, if you look at each day with hope, love, and and open mind/heart/soul, you will find a blessing somewhere. String those little pearls of blessing one by one on the necklace of your life, and soon you will find that happiness has been hanging around all along.

No, not every day is a happy day. Sadness, pain, and loss are a part of the human condition, and none of us are immune, but even in the midst of grief one can experience a spark of joy, a happy memory, and the love of friends and family.

According to dictionary.com, happiness “results from the possession or attainment of what one considers good.” When one approaches life from the perspective of “thanks-living,” of looking for the good in all areas of life and giving thanks for the blessings ones experiences and shares with others, then happiness, well, happens.

The key to happiness is to look for the good in all things and in all people, to be contented with oneself and in one’s situation, and to love without reserve or measure. You and I, dear friends, possess the key to unlock the door behind which happiness lies. Be grateful for this fact and live into it. Make lemonade out of life’s lemons, and write your own happy ending. Don’t let doubt and despair rain on your parade.

Peace, blessing, and happiness to you this day!

Lenten 40/40/40 Update for Day 13:

Honoring Relationships

Today I give thanks for another North Dakota friend — Paula. She is a strong woman who possesses a beautiful, generous, and kind spirit. No stranger to pain and grief, Paula nonetheless finds happiness, contentment, and meaning in her life. She gives of her time and resources generously and doesn’t meet  a stranger. She loves her family and friends dearly. Thanks for being you, Paula! Knowing you has made me a better me.

Giving Possessions

Today it’s time to give away some music CDs. Since my iPod is now synched to my spouse’s, I have no need for duplicates and choose to share (legally, of course!).


Today was a gorgeous sun-drenched March day in south-central PA. How glorious it was to simply marvel at the budding trees and daffodils straining to bloom. Thanks to the God of all creation for making such bright beauty possible.

For Further Reflection…

How have you created happiness today? What has brought you joy?

Photo by donireewalker used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

One thought on “If You’re Happy and You Know It…

  1. I was made happy today to receive a telephone call from my daughter and to hear that Maggie was accepted into the Honors Program at IUP. That is an answer to many prayers, Thank You dear God! It gives me great joy to know that my granddaughter, Katie is back home in this country. Again, thank You God!

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