Scattered and Smothered

Mama said there’d be days like this . . . and she was right. I am currently scattered and smothered like an order of Waffle House hashbrowns in the midst of an editing project with a due date that’s barreling down like a freight train. Oh, yeah! I know how to live.

I’m willing to bet you’ve had a few days like this yourself; you know, the kind where you don’t know whether to  laugh or cry, when you’d really like to pull the covers up over your head and refuse to get out of bed, and when you contemplate the idea of an entire carton of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food Ice Cream (or whatever flavor rocks your taste buds).

So in the interest of knocking this project out the digital door, I’m going to keep today’s entry pretty shortand get back to work. Click here to enjoy a YouTube video of the Shirelles singing “Mama Said” while some hilarious animal pics scroll by. Everybody needs a laugh, right? Personally, I’m relating to the Polar Bear right about now.

Peace, blessing, and a good night’s sleep! Tomorrow is another day, but don’t forget to give thanks for the present one–no matter how wild and wooly it may be.

Lent 40/40/40 Update

Honoring Relationships

I have two days worth of honoring to do, so I want to send a big shout out to all the mothers out there who juggle multiple priorities to keep the plates spinning. Never give up. Know you make a difference. Trust you will get through whatever the day throws at you. This includes my mother, Reniva, and my mother-in-law, Millie. Thank you, ladies!

Next I want to send a big cyber shout out to all the women who may not necessarily be birth mothers, but who nurture others in so many ways. You know you who are! Whether you give your love and attention to a spouse, partner, parents, friends, or children–no matter who you nurture–you are wonderful, and you are making a difference. Keep on loving, giving, and believing that what you do matters . . . because it DOES!

Giving Possessions

I don’t know if this really counts, but yesterday we gave up satellite television. Not only will it save us a whopping $50+ each month, I’m hoping that by giving it up, we will invest in more quality time as a family. Plus, anything we really want to watch we should be able to find online. Today, I’m ditching another book. However, it’s a writing book I really like, and I’m giving it to my oldest daughter who is becoming an awesome writer with a strong voice all her own. Poor child followed in her mother’s footsteps and earned an English degree.


I’m thankful that this editing project will soon be finished (hopefully!), and I’m thankful that we had a gorgeous, warm, sunny day today. Even though I’ve been huddled over this borrowed laptop almost all day, I did take a few minutes to walk outside and breathe deeply. Life is good, very, very good.

Photo by imanka used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

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