Do Something!

Between a router dying on Sunday and being without DSL for two days and coming down with some seemingly spring-allergy related malady, it has been quite a week. I have alternated between frustration at not being able to meet deadlines due to the deceased router, exhaustion and swollen lymph glands from the malady, and sheer joy and delight at the beautiful (albeit unseasonably early) spring weather. I’ve also missed posting about my latest adventures in thanks-living.

“Thankfully” I’m back on board and still grateful for so very much, including the cup of Sleepytime Sinus Soother herb tea that’s right here by my laptop. I am so lucky to be able to have clean, abundant water readily available to make tea anytime I desire. Yesterday was World Water Day. If you are not familiar with the purpose of this day, I encourage you to visit African Water Log written by ELCA missionaries Dr. Joe and Rev. Deborah Troester. You might also enjoy this post by Virginia over at Roses in the Rubble. Finally, here’s the official UN World Water Day website.

Sometimes, when we take time to dedicate a day of our lives to awareness about and consideration of a particular issue, problem, or need, it can seem overwhelming. How can one little ‘ol person in the USA make a difference in alleviating a problem of global proportions? When thought of in those terms, it’s almost easier to ignore the problem or throw a few expendable dollars at it and be done. Not that I’m knocking financial support! Every penny counts, and a penny shared reflects a person who cared. So yes, do give generously to the causes that move your heart and spirit.

But don’t stop there; DO something. Active involvement engages us with one another in a way that simply firing off a check cannot. So what can you and I do about water? Here are 10 small steps each one of us can take.

  1. Don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth or washing your face.
  2. Don’t leave the water running while you wash the dishes.
  3. Install a rain barrel.
  4. Don’t water your lawn. Instead, consider edible plantings that add beauty and fill your belly. You can also share extra produce!
  5. Consider installing a greywater system. Here’s a link that provides some basic information.
  6. Fill the bathtub only halfway full, or cut your shower time down. (Many people of my parents’ generation remember washtubs and sharing the bath water.)
  7. Take a “military” shower at least once a week. This means getting wet, turning off the water, lathering up, and then turning it back on to rinse. This simple act will definitely help you appreciate the gift of adequate water.
  8. Keep track of how often you flush. Install water displacement devices in your traditional toilet tank (i.e. a plastic jug filled with water or bricks) or if you need a new toilet, consider one of the water-saving or composting options.
  9. Charge yourself a “water tax” for a week or month. Each time you use water for any purpose, put a set amount of money in a jar as a “luxury tax.” At the end of your designated time period, donate that amount to a charity that helps provide wells to people where water is needed.
  10. Finally, say a quick prayer of thanksgiving every time you use water for at least one day. Not only will your thanks-living capacity improve but so will your prayer life! In short, DO something. Practice may not make perfect, but it will have a lasting effect on your life.

Lent 40/40/40 Update

Honoring Relationships

This week I have been giving thanks for aunts and uncles and cousins who have given me a sense of rootedness and connectedness. Our family is spread out all over the US and abroad, but a note or a Facebook post means so much. Thank you to Faye, Bev, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Louise, Uncle Oliver and Aunt Norma, and Uncle Mick. You are connected not only by blood, but by heart and memory and love. Thanks!

Giving Possessions

I have some catching up to do here. I have some unopened boxes upstairs and in the garage that need to be opened and sorted and disbursed. I also have more books to go. I’m enjoying the more minimalist wardrobe. Having space in the closet and trying to organize around one key color is great. Most of all, the simple act of giving and sharing is wonderful. Open hands, open heart, and open mind–not a bad mantra for thanks-living.


I am thankful to be reconnected with the world via high speed DSL and a new router. I will say that a forced media fast wasn’t all bad.

I hope you are all doing well and finding plenty of reasons to be thankful for your blessings, your abundance, and the relationships that matter more than any possessions. Peace and light!

Photos by osseous and likeablerodent used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Do Something!

  1. Thank you for highlighting the issue of water- your suggestions are Right On! … You (& your posts) were Greatly Missed this week! hope you feel better soon & that the New Router will Behave! : )

    grace, peace & Misbehaving IT

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