Stress Rx: Laughter!

Does the world have you wearied? Are you weighed down with trouble and woe? Want to lighten up? Then don’t forget to laugh. There are more than 40 mentions of laughter in the Bible, and a whopping 155 mentions of joy. Surely, no matter what the circumstance, one ought to be able to laugh at least once a day.

Having trouble laughing? Here are five suggestions to help:

1) Watch a British comedy

2) Play a game like “Apples to Apples” or “Pictionary”

3) Make faces at yourself in the mirror

4) Search out some funny YouTube videos

5) Play silly games with your cat or dog. It’s amazing how much fun you can have with a ball or flashlight and a furry friend or two.

I know I’ve written about the importance of keeping humor as part of one’s life regimen, but this is one thing that can’t be stressed too much. The antidote to a bad day may just possibly be a good laugh.

Knock, knock…

(Want to share a favorite joke or link to a funny video? We all need a laugh. Submit yours here, and I’ll draw one random winner for a surprise humorous gift.)

Photo by inottawa used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Stress Rx: Laughter!

  1. “It is God’s will…that we seek God willfully & busily…gladly & merrily without unskillful heaviness & vain sorrow.” Julian of Norwich

    Thanx for this reminder to seek God ‘merrily’… (with laughter to be found in so many places… like my favorite series: Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minster ! : )

  2. Oh yes, the Good Book tells us that laughter is better than medicine! As for a good joke, I always forget the punch line, so I rarely try to tell one. When I go to my heart doctor, I can always hear him with his big belly laugh even before he gets to my room. Thank you Dr. Love for your ability to cheer your patients up, even before you enter their room.

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