Thankful for . . . Everything!

Courtesy wikimedia commons

Some days you just need a little inspiration. If this is one of those days for you, then click here to watch one of the most touching and inspiring stories I have ever heard.

She lives alone at age 108 without assistance in a small flat in London. She still practices the piano three hours a day. She lost her mother and husband in the concentration camp, and she survived cancer at age 83. At 104, she wrote the best-selling book A Garden of Eden in Hell.

It is particularly appropriate for today as we observe Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and with our Jewish sisters and brothers recall the some six million lives cut short in acts of incomparable human cruelty. Alice Sommer Herz, the oldest living Holocaust survivor, reminds us to “Be thankful for everything–everything is a present.”

Thank you, Alice.

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