A Rose is a Rose . . .

Once in a while I stumble upon an idea that tickles my fancy; usually it has to do with a fresh idea to reuse or re-purpose and everyday item. Here’s a great idea for recycling newspapers (or books or magazines) that will appeal to those who treasure words: paper roses.

For me these wordy wonders have a double attraction because our cat loves nothing better than destroying real flowers and plants. With these “roses” I can have my words and whimsy without risking real, expensive blooms being strewn half-eaten across the floor.

I’m looking forward to making a batch for my next dinner party–complete with a literary theme. We own a couple of vintage typewriters, so I’m thinking a centerpiece might include paper flowers arranged artfully in and around this focal point.

I suppose decorating with words is better than eating them, right? What creative ideas do you have for living with words?

(Photo by msmstewart used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!)

4 thoughts on “A Rose is a Rose . . .

  1. Excellent idea, Sharron! My idea is turning the tele off and forcing hubby to read instead of watch silly shows (he’ll get used the idea – one day) 😀

    1. Sounds like an excellent plan. We got rid of our cable about four months ago. My spouse and I haven’t missed it, but the kids are another matter. Like your hubby, they’ll adjust!

  2. Does your cat also eat real flowers? Mine once ate 18 inches of decorative ribbon with wire edges. The result was emergency surgery and an bank account. Fortunately, the cat still lives to tell about it–and eat random things that are not good for her.

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