You are Gold!

Percy Williams of Canada on the shoulders of his teammates after winning a gold medal in the men’s 100 meters race at the VIIIth Summer Olympic Games

We don’t have television anymore, but I’ve been following the Olympic games via the BBC and other online sources. It’s wonderful to see athletes from around the world who have invested everything they have to get to the games and compete for the gold. The faces of the gold medal winners are a sight to behold.

The only problem is that only one person in each event comes home with a gold medal. Somehow the second place silver just doesn’t have the luster in the eyes of the world’s onlookers. The silver and bronze medalists worked hard, too. They gave the competition their all. And what about the athlete who came in last place? Didn’t he or she give it the best effort? Just to earn a spot on an Olympic team is a herculean feat.

Fortunately for us, in God’s economy we are all gold medal material. The Creator of the universe looked at creation and proclaimed all of it good–very good. When the Creator looks at you and me, those divine eyes of love see the very best in each one of us. God sees our potential not our failings. God looks at us with eyes of love because God doesn’t make mistakes or junk.

What you and I may see as broken and damaged in our own lives or the lives of others, God sees as redeemed and reclaimed. We are constantly recycled and re-purposed to be the best we can be. We are works in progress, and we are golden. We are precious in God’s sight.

So, dear friend, you deserve a gold medal from God. You may feel damaged, and the world may have told you that you are “less than” or “not good enough,” but that is not the end of the story. God says otherwise. Isn’t it time we started telling ourselves and others this truth?

Doesn’t the single mother who works as long and hard as any elite athlete to keep her children clothed and fed deserve God’s gold medal? What about the teacher who works long hours in a tough school district for peanuts and precious little praise? Doesn’t he deserve God’s gold? How about that teenager who keeps pressing on despite the taunts and torture of his or her peers? Or the pensioner on a limited income who still finds myriad ways to serve and give?

If we can look at one another the way God sees us, then maybe we can make this world a better place. There are no losers in the divine economy–only gold. Own it, live it, and share it! Now that’s something for which we can all give thanks.

Photo by Library Archives used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “You are Gold!

  1. What thoughtful,beautiful,precious, golden promises as you have so ably stated, given to us by God!

  2. Sharon, I am a friend of your Mom’s and I love her dearly. I appreciate your reminder that we are all gold in God’s sight we just need refining. Thanks and God bless Bobbie

  3. Hello, sweet Niece,

    Excellent article and reminder of our worth in God’s sight. I am hoping to send a copy of your remarks to a friend who needs lots of encouragement. Keep up the good work!

  4. Amen & Amen !! There’s a great line in ‘Remember The Titans’ (a very fav movie with Denzel Washington) .. Coach Boone tells Coach Yost, “You’re Hall of Fame in my book” when Coach Yost won’t tow the ‘segregated line’ during an important regional football game … Just like your Gold Medals, we are Hall of Fame in God’s Book when we are who we are created to be – Beloved Sons & Daughters of the King of Heaven!

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