Seven Shades of Gratitude

The week is ending with a quiet, crisp sunset and a chill in the air. Tomorrow a new week will begin, a week filled with promise and possibility. I leave you this evening with seven shades of gratitude for this past week of thanks-living.

1.  I am grateful for our house. We don’t own our home; we live in a parsonage provided by my spouse’s congregation. It’s part of his compensation package, and we both feel grateful to live in this commodious turn of the 20th century brick home. It is more than ample for our needs, full of character, and set amidst a lovely landscape of Pennsylvania orchards dotting the rolling hills.

2.  I am grateful for heat. My writing desk sits next to the radiator, and I find its gurgling and occasional clanging to be a comforting sound and a reminder of the gift of heat. Heat is something I all too often take for granted until the power goes out and we find ourselves suddenly without it.

3.  I am grateful for hot green ginger honey tea. A pot is sitting beside me now. It warms and soothes my throat, helping to reduce the residual soreness from this week’s surgery. A cup of hot tea or coffee cupped between one’s hands is a simple pleasure not to be taken for granted.

4.  I am grateful for Skype. Skype allows me to converse with my daughter at college and my mother in Tennessee. It allows me to be a good steward of resources and and attend meetings at the congregation I serve without leaving home and burning fossil fuel. Skype dates were one of the ways my spouse and I kept connected when we were dating and lived so far apart. Yes, I am thankful for the gifts of technology.

5.  Tomorrow is Veterans Day. I am thankful for freedom. I am grateful to live in a country that guarantees me certain rights freedoms and also holds me accountable for the responsibilities of citizenship. I am grateful for the many men and women who have served in our country, including my father who served in World War II. Thank you all!

6.  I am grateful for music. I enjoy a variety of musical styles and genres ranging from jazz to folk to bluegrass to classical and a whole bunch more in between. Not a day goes by that I don’t listen to, sing, or play some kind of music.

7.  I am grateful for books to read. Since I’ve been home this week I’ve been turning the pages of several books–a biography, a diary, poetry, and fiction. While I appreciate the NOOK my daughter gave me, I also love to turn the pages of library books and wonder about their journeys. Right now, for example, I’m reading Jon Krakauer’s fine book Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman. A previous borrower must have had this book at the beach because grains of sand are caught between the cover and its cellophane protector. I wonder which beach?

So many things for which to be grateful and so many shades of gratitude to share and experience are available to each one of us every day. What shades of gratitude have colored your day and week?

Nota Bene: Tomorrow I’ll be reviewing one of the books I read this week, I’ve Got Some Lovin’ to Do: The Diaries of a Roaring Twenties Teen. Drop in; I think you’ll enjoy hearing about it so much that you’ll want your own copy to read! If you just can’t wait, you can check it out on Facebook. Click here.

Photos by k4dordy and RichardBH. Thanks!

One thought on “Seven Shades of Gratitude

  1. A grateful heart is one of the greatest atributes one can have. I’m thankful that I have a daughter with a grateful heart,of all the things I wanted to teach her as she grew from childhood to adulthood, to be thankful and grateful was one I tried SO hard to impress upon her.

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