Mea Culpa…Well Sorta


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I apologize. My mother came to visit over the Thanksgiving holiday, and I took advantage as much as possible of the precious time we had together. And we did have some wonderful times! She recounted stories from her childhood for both Mr. Husband and me. We played Scrabble, and she soundly whooped both of us on her last night here. And we talked, and ate, and talked, and ate some more. How fast six days can fly by when you’re spending time with someone who is so very dear to you! Every hour is a precious and fleeting one.

So after shedding a few tears as I watched the gate attendant help her to the plane, it’s back to life as usual and the beginning of one of my favorite seasons of the year–Advent. That means I’m back to writing about thanks-living as well as living it.

For the next 24 days my gift to you is a daily guide to slowing down and savoring the season. Even if you don’t celebrate this liturgical season, I hope you will find something of use to make your day a little brighter and your mind and heart a little calmer. Consider this your on-line Advent Calendar; instead of chocolate or a trinket you’ll find a saying, a scripture, and a few thoughts on savoring fully this special season.

Blessings…from my heart to yours.


3 thoughts on “Mea Culpa…Well Sorta

  1. Oh, what a blessing and a wonderful six days I had with my three precious girls. I also had my time of shedding a few tears, but we must “look up” and be thankful for the time we had, knowing that God blesses us with precious memories to treasure!

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