Thankful for Tea and More Tea and More Tea!

The college audition process is now complete. Thanks be to God! I was impressed with how this particular school conducted the process. The hospitality was great, and they even provided lunch and free tickets to the department’s production of Chess tonight. The faculty spent a lot of time talking and answering questions. They had representatives from all the applicable areas a prospective student and her family could desire information — housing/student life, financial aid, and admissions.

Of course, my dear perfectionist daughter is concerned about how she may have “bombed” her audition. We’ll see. She is way too hard on herself. I personally have a good feeling about this program and its potential “fit” for her growth and development as an artist AND scholar. We’ll fine out soon enough, I suppose.

40/40/40 Update

Honoring Relationships

Today I want to give a big shout out to my two step-children. Although I’ve only been a part of their family for nine months, they have welcomed me, made me feel at home, and supported their dad’s marriage and new spouse. Thanks, K & K! You’re awesome, and  I am proud to be a part of your lives.

Giving Possessions

More clothes in the bag today! It is amazing how I am finding it easier to part with items of clothing that I do not really need nor wear often.


I am thankful to spend time with my youngest daughter today. We spent a delightful afternoon in a tea room with Russian tea cakes and some amazing pots of tea. The ambiance was amazing, the Wi-Fi was free, and the music delightful. It was a good time of destressing after the audition. Now we’re off to supper and the musical followed by the long drive home.

What is your favorite tea or hot beverage? For what are you grateful this day?

Photo by Brandon Geisbrecht used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!