Gratitude has no Expiration Date

Hallelujah! I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart… — Psalm 111:1a

Are all of your holiday thank you cards written? Perhaps you still have a couple that need to be sent, but you are worrying that it’s really too long past Christmas to show your gratitude. If that’s the case, dear one, let me assure you of a simple fact: It is never too late to give thanks.

Gratitude has no expiration date. It’s that simple. Stop right now. Sit down. Get out a nice note card (even a plain scrap of paper will do) and your favorite writing implement. If you are uncertain of how to begin, click here for a short article/video originally taken from the CBS Evening News segment “Assignment America” and shared by the excellent website DailyGood. In it you will meet attorney John Kralik, a man whose life was transformed by the simple act of expressing gratitude through handwritten notes.

Did you watch the video? If not, stop right now and do it. Yes, click on that little link above. Trust me; you’ll be glad you took the time.

Now, imagine a world where hundreds of thousands — maybe millions — of people took the time to say a simple word of thanks via the trusty method of pen, paper, envelope, and stamp. We’re not talking crafting a Pushcart Prize caliber tome here. Just a few sentences will do.

Giving thanks for even the most simple gift or action, benefits not only the giver but also the one who receives. Like ripples from a stone that troubles the waters of a quiet lake, a thank you note has the capacity to change the world one person at a time. Hey, it might even help the United States Postal Service, too. Just think of all the people in your life who deserve your thanks!

Start one note at a time as often as you are able. Start with those long overdue holiday thank you notes and keep on thanking. It will change your life. Of that I am quite certain.

Thanks-Living Activity

Here’s this weeks challenge activity! Write a thank you note each day to someone you need to thank and put it in the mail. That’s six days (Monday through Saturday) and six notes and six stamps. On top of that, each day write a short note to the Creator of the Universe giving thanks for something God has done for you or given you. Yes, write it down. Your writing is your prayer.

Drop a comment here and let me know how it went. I will randomly select one person to receive an eight-note pack of “Joyfully Yours” notes from DaySpring and eight stamps to keep your thank-you regimen going. Better yet, these notes will be procured locally to support a local Christian bookstore.

Congrats to Natasha, the last winner, who received three art cards featuring illuminated manuscripts from The St. John’s Bible.

Photos by Kanko and Randy OHC used under Creative Commons License. Thanks!